As one of the world’s leading transportation shipping group, ARCADIA recognizes the mariner’s training impact on sea transport of oil and is committed, promote and support policies that:

  • Provide quality marine training for participants and the maritime community.
  • Meet or exceed participants needs with the maximum value in the training and services provided
  • Comply with the requirements of DNV-GL Standard ST-0029 for certification of maritime training centers
  • Provide trainee students with the skills and knowledge required to function effectively and efficiently on board the vessels and in the shore-based Office.
  • Graduates of Arcadia’s Maritime Training Center will have the appropriate competencies to perform and execute required tasks in the jobs that they have been trained.
  • Continually improve training standards to meet the constantly changing needs of the shipping market.
  • Quality is regarded as an overall framework within which activities are being conducted.
  • Implement a strategy to develop and upgrade the teaching and training skills of ARCADIA Training staff members, through worldwide recognized training organizations.
  • Provide employees of all departments with equal opportunities to join in service training programs delivered by Arcadia Maritime Training centre.
  • Follow-up the course evaluation of Arcadia’s Maritime Training Center’s graduates and provide higher studies opportunities for distinct graduates.
  • Identify and examine non-conformities in design, delivery and customer service to determine processes that require improvement and implement necessary changes to continually improve of the effectiveness of the MTC management system.
  • Based on complaints, non-conformities, incidents and internal audits, the system and the training policy are reviewed on a quarterly basis during management review, to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness.
  • At all levels in the Organization, the Management is responsible for ensuring that the policy is documented, understood, implemented and maintained and that is communicated to all employees. In addition any (internal or external) concerned with or affected by the performance of Arcadia’s training, may receive this policy on request.
  • Establish and maintain documented training objectives, the review of which will take place during the Management meetings.

Customer Service

Provide all customers the best quality services to meet their satisfaction and serve as a resource centre to determine customer needs.


Design, develop and conduct courses for personnel working in the worldwide maritime community that meet individual and company needs ,simulation , training assessment and research needs as well as being in compliance with the latest national and international rules, regulations, guidelines and DNV-GL Standard ST-0029.


Acquire, use and apply the latest technology and information in the field of maritime training, consistent with resources in the development and delivery of simulation, training, assessment and research.


Conduct all business in an ethical and professional manner sensitive to human needs and social responsibilities in order to achieve customers’ goals and create opportunities for ARCADIA employees.

Continuous Improvement

Identify and examine non-conformities in design, delivery and customer service to determine processes that require improvement and implement necessary changes towards continuous improvement.

Employee Acceptance

Create and maintain an environment that encourages teamwork, cooperation, initiative, leadership, problem solving, constructive decision making and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Provide expertise and input to industry and regulatory bodies that promotes the improvement of safety at sea, protection of the marine environment, and the overall betterment of the worldwide maritime community.


The planning of our Management system is performed in order to:

  • identify the needed processes for MTC activities
  • determine the sequence and interaction of these processes
  • ensure that operation and control of these processes are effective
  • ensure availability of necessary resources
  • monitor, measure and analyze the different processes
  • ensure continuous improvement of the processes
  • maintain the integrity of the Management system when modifications are planned and implemented.

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